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Fertility and IVF Support with Chinese Medicine

Natural Fertility

There are many factors that may be getting in the way of someone trying to conceive. In Australia currently 1 in 6 couples of reproductive age are having difficulty with conception. As an experienced fertility practitioner, my bottom line is healthy eggs and healthy sperm make healthy babies, so the best outcomes occur when both parents are on board with fertility treatment and support. 

In your initial consult, I will conduct a thorough fertility check so we can look at the big picture of what may be getting in the way of your efforts to conceive. Below are some of the things we will cover and help you to better understand:

  • BBT charting

  • Bi phasic cycle

  • Period pain and PMS

  • Diagnosis of PCOS / endometriosis / fibroids

  • Recurrent miscarriage

  • Nutrition and Fertility

  • Adrenal support and stress relief

  • Fatigue and overall wellness

  • Sperm analysis

  • Men's Reproductive Health

It is recommended that you undertake 3 months of treatment before trying to conceive

Assisted Reproductive Treatment - IVF and ICSI 

  • pre and post transfer support

  • pain management 

  • stress relief


According to John McDonald and Stephen Janz's comprehensive research, The Acupuncture Evidence Project: A Comparative Literature Review from 2017, early reviews on the effectiveness of acupuncture on fertility and IVF included mixed results.


However, further systematic research reviews, for example by Qian and colleagues from 2017, have concluded that acupuncture does consistently improve the clinical pregnancy rate among women undergoing IVF.   

Similarly, in one of the most comprehensive and balanced reviews to date, an Australian team of researchers (Cochrane et al. 2014) analysed acupuncture and fertility trials from over 100 reports from around the world, finding that the majority of trials on IVF patients using acupuncture reported increased pregnancy and/or live birth rates.

Finally, another systematic review report (Manheimer et al. 2008), including seven clinical research trials with 1366 women, found that women undergoing IVF treatment can improve their chances of falling pregnant by 65 percent by having acupuncture.

It is clear that there is strong evidence for using acupuncture to improve fertility, particularly during IVF treatments. This is happy news for women in Australia who usually have to pay $5000+ (out of pocket) for IVF treatments, in comparison to $100+ for acupuncture.

"When the soil is well prepared the harvest will be bountiful" Chinese proverb

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