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Hormones &
the Menstrual Cycle

As women our hormones transcend our fertility. Hormone balance is not just essential for conception but is a window into our overall health.

Hormones determine your menstrual cycle each month. Hormone production is regulated by the feedback loop of communication between the hypothalamus, the pituitary gland and the ovaries. Your constitution, nutrition, stress response and quality of sleep, determine the state of your hormone health.


Acne, absence of periods, heavy periods, period pain, spotting, breast soreness and abdominal bloating, excess hair are all signs of hormone imbalance.


Clinically I find these symptoms fall into a few key areas:

Estrogen excess 

●    Higher production by the ovaries (perimenopause) 
●    Impaired metabolism of hormones which is a liver function (anytime)
●    Environmental factors – endocrine disrupting chemicals
●    Endometriosis, Adenomyosis, Fibroids and heavy bleeding

Low Progesterone

●    Diet and Lifestyle
●    Stress
●    High histamine levels
●    Lack of ovulation/Luteal phase deficiency

Elevated Androgen (Testosterone)

●    Genetic susceptibility
●    Endocrine disrupting hormones
●    Insulin resistance
●    Inflammation
●    The Pill 
●    PCOS

Elevated Cortisol (Stress)

●    Diet and Lifestyle
●    Dysregulation of the nervous system 
●    HPA axis dysfunction

Low Estrogen

●    Menopause

A consultation with me will help to explore what is contributing to your individual hormone imbalance. With the use of acupuncture, Chinese herbs, nutritional advice and lifestyle changes, we can start the process towards feeling great again. Don’t put up with extreme mood swings and PMS every month. Learn to love your hormones and your hormones will love you back. 

“Women are Yin, with blood as their base and this blood is as the moon above and the ocean tide below. The moon waxes and wanes and the tide ebbs and flow. This event occurs once a month and is known as the monthly flow.”  

-Li Shi Zhen in Ben Cao Gang Mu

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