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Helping Your Body to Birth Naturally

Updated: Nov 7, 2022

Going into spontaneous labour greatly reduces the chances that you will require medical intervention and certainly reduces your capacity to need it. I use Acupuncture and certain body balancing techniques to help better prepare your body for birth.

Weekly birth preparation treatments from 36 weeks onwards gives you an opportunity to take some time out to relax, to go inwards and to tune into your body and your baby. This is especially important when you have older children in your care.

Treatments vary from week to week. Emphasis is placed on calming the mother, supporting any pelvic instability, promoting sleep and specifically on getting the pelvis, uterus and cervix ready for birth.


  • Softening and ripening the cervix

  • Reducing stress and promoting relaxation

  • Increasing energy required for birth and well being

  • Encouraging pelvic balancing

  • Promoting good milk flow

I am also a birth educator, pre-natal yoga teacher and am trained in the spinning babies techniques. I integrate guided relaxation sessions, fear release exercises and birth tips into my sessions depending on what is needed for each individual.


Angela is amazing! Her calm, caring nature and birth wisdom made my sessions with her so valuable to my birth preparation. She supported me to connect with my body and baby. I can’t recommend acupuncture treatments with Angela enough.

-Clare Spillane

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